Latin America restaurant El Chapo has opened in the trendiest new part of Plymouth
October 5, 2018

Colourful Latin restaurant opening in growing Plymouth street

El Chapo is the latest addition to Bretonside, with Asian eatery BabaWok opening up a few doors down

An up and coming city centre street is about to welcome TWO new exciting eateries.

Colourful Latin restaurant El Chapo, where both Fred’s Kitchen and B.E.D.! have previously been, will be opening up in Bretonside in the coming months.

And just a few doors down, on the other side of the street, close to The Dairy, a brand new Asian takeaway appears to be taking shape.

BabaWok, where Kebab King used to be, looks to be an exciting new eatery with a fresh look for the historic area.

Plymouth Live has tried contacting both new restaurants, but has been unsuccessful so far.

However on the BabaWok website it says: ‘Babawok in Plymouth will always be offering great food at affordable prices.’

Fred’s Kitchen closed in July last year after the owner and head chef fell ill.

Matthew Norton wrote in a Facebook post that month: “Sorry to say everyone but Fred’s Kitchen has closed its doors due to me been ill.

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