Welcome to probably the best and most vibrant Mexican and Latin Restaurant in the South West. The restaurant’s ambience, décor and cuisine will leave you feeling that you’ve been on a Latin American tour.

The aim of El Chapo is to provide first-class hospitality along with a memorable culinary experience. From start to finish, you will receive exceptional customer service, mouth-watering food, exotic cocktails and an extensive Tequila list, as well as fine wines and beers. Your dining experience will encompass some of the amazing flavours from countries like Mexico, Brazil or even Cuba, some with a twist that will make your experience even more memorable.

At El Chapo, you can try more than 13 different types of Tequilas like “Kah Reposado”, “D.Celia Anejo”, “Tapatio Excelencia” or “Papadiablo Mezcal Special”. In the beer lineup, you have various choices like “Cubanisto”, Desperados” or the famous “Corona”. In the wine selection, you can choose from various Red, White and Rose wines, or even try the world-renowned and rather unique “Casal Garcia”.

At El Chapo, you'll be able to experience how the regional South American, Mexican and various Latin climates influence certain dishes, be it meat or fish.

El Chapo strides to create the most vibrant and enjoyable modern-day Latin American gastro experience for its customers. El Chapo looks to provide an exceptional dining and bar experience to all customers by serving the freshest foods, finest tequilas, wines and perfect cocktails to pair with your meal. The menu is created using fresh produce and care for quality encapsulating authentic gourmet Latin American dishes with exceptional presentation.

El Chapo welcomes you to a fantastic dining experience. Enjoy.

EL Chapo